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My two younger daughters, the two who still live with me, are ice skaters. The older has taken a break so she can focus on college. The schedules don't mesh well, and the homework frequently overwhelms her free time. I skate as well, though I'm not nearly as advanced.

My youngest was on a synchronized team. She quit last year. I tried for three years to form an adult team at the rink nearest my home, and failed. Finally, I joined a team at a rink about an hour's drive away. I'm currently tested at the ISI Alpha level. I'm testing Beta, Gamma, Delta next week, and FS1 next month. I need to seriously work on the two jumps, my pivot is very hit and miss, and my coach laughs at my arms during my edges. Hoping to "get" and improve all in time for testing. I want to go to Vegas for Adult Nationals in 2015 as FS1.


Something I'm just now learning...   Golden Skater's Waltz diagram.

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A tool I use and will share. I use this to track when we sharpen skates.   Skating spreadsheet.

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The following are some links carrying merchandise I've found helpful.


    I bought gel pads for my daughters - tailbone, hip, and knee - at Skating Safe for fall protection.
    Then I bought this very thin skort from Danskin and sewed in pockets to hold and position the hip pads under their skating attire. The pads are easily removable for laundering.
    If you purchase these or similar pads and this skort or a bike short, I can sew the pockets in for $15 per set of hip and/or tail bone pads. I can also make sleeves for the elbow pads at $10/pair and/or the knee pads also at $10/pair.
Note: my fee covers the sleeve and or pocket fabric plus my labor; the pads and skort/shorts are not included.

Off Ice
For spinning practice there are a couple of options I've found.

This bearing based spinner will work on most surfaces without much risk of damage.

bearing spinner

This spinner is more portable, but requires a firm surface; it's also available in my local pro-shop. The prices are similar for all three options when you add shipping.

portable spinner


Here's a clip of Elaine Zayak. A spiral combination I'd like to be able to do...

Full performance.
Spiral training.
Waltz jump
Half flip description.
Half flip instructional video.


right vs. left

T position: named for the foot that does the pushing
Mohawk: named for the starting (forward for forward, backward for backward) foot
Crossover: named for the lifted (crossing) foot
T stop: named for the stopping (rear) foot
spiral: named for the skating leg