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I sew skating apparel, skating accessories, and general apparel. I have photo samples with pricing details of much of what I've done and I can provide many for direct viewing as well. I have mixed and matched various attributes of these garments in the past and can do so again. I can assist with fabric selection. I can procure the fabric, or I can use your fabric. Fabric and decoration sources I've used or just explored; includes sources for decor as well. Request for quote or other information. I can be contacted via email Rena"at" replace the "at" with an "at Symbol". I can also be contacted via telephone at 916-771-3359.



Pricing Method


Prices are based on materials and labor. The materials vary some from one pattern to another, but more so from one size to another. To estimate the price, review the additional details link beside the preview image when it contains the design you are interested in. Fabric prices run from as low as $5 per yard to greater than $50 per yard. Most fabrics will be nearer $15 per yard. Feel free to explore the fabric sites to get a better idea of the fabric cost.

Customization prices are based on effort, but if I develop a pattern piece or technique that I feel I can use again, I will discount the price you pay. Most requests will take about two weeks to complete, but that depends on my calendar and and customizations.